About Us

Carriage Driving in the New Forest giving disabled adults the freedom to take the reins.

We are a registered charity (Charity No. 1102116) and are based in the New Forest in Hampshire. UK. The aims of the group are to provide adult disabled people with the opportunity to carriage drive in order to benefit their health and well being. We meet on Tuesday afternoons from April to October,weather permitting, at venues throughout the New Forest in agreement with the Forestry Commission. Through the winter we meet monthly to hold socials such as talks and quizzes.

What We Do

How we can help you

Is it a time for a new beginning? Do you want to learn a new sport that you can do sitting down? Our group offers carriage driving experience for those who find that their circumstances have changed and they are not so able as they used to be.

How you can help us

You don’t have to be ‘horsey’ to help! However we do need lots of volunteers. Some roles are active and some are more administrative. We offer companionship and picnic sites! For more information on all the ways that you can help.

How we have helped

“The weekly meetings have become a highlight of my life, they give me a sense of freedom I once enjoyed as an abled body carriage driver I used to be. Meeting with likeminded people and have a good laugh and giggles brings joy and meaning to my week.“


News from the Blog

2022 AGM

We recently had our AGM which is a jolly affair as it is usually combined with a bring and share lunch. Unfortunately funds are not as healthy as we would like because fundraising has been curtailed these last 2 years and many of our expenses remain the same. In spite of these matters a goodContinue reading “2022 AGM”

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